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ISO 9001:2008 – The Number 4 Group’s Application


It seems recently, that companies have all become more focussed on quality, consistency and equality, and The Number4 Group is no different. 

So, towards the end of last year, we decided to head over to the ultimate Quality Management system ISO 9001:2008. This is the world’s most popular standard for QM and its aim is to allow a company to continually monitor, manage and improve quality across all areas of the business.

The decision to get certified to ISO standard came mainly because of the huge number of benefits you get. For one, although it is not technically required, being certified opens up certain channels that are not available otherwise. This includes access to new markets, recognition in the industry you work in, an increased market share and the possibility of broadening business opportunities.

There are other benefits, of course, that come just with purely having a QM system in place. It causes a rise in consistency and efficiency which, in turn, saves the company time, money and resources. Being more efficient will also lead to better customer satisfaction and staff motivation. There also tends to be a huge improvement in the amount of errors that occur and profits usually increase by a considerable amount.

We are going ahead with the certification not only for these benefits, but also that it is a world-renowned accreditation, which will open some pretty huge doors for us in the future. We will be listed alongside some of the biggest companies in the world, so the opportunities open to us will increase, meaning our business will continue to grow and expand.

ISO 9001:2008 Is currently going through its five year review and is expected to be complete by 2015, making it ISO 9001:2015. This means, that by the time our certification is out of date (it lasts for three years), the new version will have already been in place for around a year, so should be well established by the time our renewal is due.

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