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Greenbank 9 FC


In line with our dedication to our local community and sharing its spirit, we have recently sponsored an under 9’s Lincolnshire football team, called Greenbank 9.

They currently play in a development league, which means it is promoting and celebrating the skills of the game rather than the result. This is something that has been taken from Spanish grassroots football and inspires many young children to create lasting friendships and gain early experience in team work.

Each player gets treated equally and the role of captain is shared among them, having a different player for each game.

In their most recent game, one of Greenbank 9’s players was named man of the match and they scored a fantastic four goals between them! Even though the results aren’t focussed on, the goals are still celebrated as both an individual and a team achievement.

As we are now sponsoring them, our logo has been put onto both their home and their away kit which is worn in every match they play. Another great thing about this team, is that after they have been using the kits for two years, they are then washed and donated to an African under 5’s team so that they can get the same enjoyment and satisfaction from them!

Football is a sport played all over the world, and sometimes its origins and meaning can get forgotten with all of the negative coverage it can receive. Supporting young, local teams like this shows us all what it is truly about and helps us renew our love of the beautiful game.

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