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Green Agenda


It’s not easy being Green – our fight for sustainability

Here at The Number4 Group we are starting off the new year by implementing several new strategies and agendas, aiming to become a greener and eco-friendly company. We are gradually making many positive steps towards running a carbon-neutral business, starting by reducing our energy consumption in the office. By the end of this year we plan to have reduced the amount of energy our business uses by 20% by doing multiple small simple things like turning lights and other devices off when not in use. Since the installation of a Smart Meter in December, we have already dramatically decreased our energy usage, and will continue to do so over the coming year.

One of the biggest initiatives we are undertaking is to become a paper-free office. This will be a huge achievement and we have already started reducing the paper consumption of our internal staff. We have also created online application forms and paperwork for Security4 and that is well on the way to becoming completely paper-free. We aim to constantly reduce our paper usage using different initiatives as time goes on, eventually with Train4 becoming paperless as well, leading to a new direction for our training.

What do paper, plastic and aluminum all have in common? They are all currently being recycled here at The Number4 Group, another huge project that we are implementing. Effective immediately, there are a number of recycling points located around our building so that our staff and learners will be able to quickly and easily recycle their waste. Not only will we donate this waste via the appropriate channels, but we also intend to reduce our carbon footprint to 0, by offsetting any remaining footprint once all of these processes are implanted.

Over this coming year, we aim to become pioneers of the green agenda and to constantly develop new ideas to become as sustainable as possible, increasing effectiveness and productivity and setting a standard of new age thinking across the industries we work in.

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