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Enterprise 4 Life

Enterprise4 Life naturally progressed out of The Number4 Groups ethos and the establishing partner’s personal objective to support likeminded, aspiring entrepreneurs.  Created at a time of shrinking markets and taking account of an ever changing Government agenda, Enterprise4 Life has been established to support aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and provide on-going mentoring towards achieving their objective of starting a business.

Specifically focusing on a solution based approach; Enterprise 4 Life promotes an ethos of “hard work, dedication and a good idea produces the best results.

This partnership approach has already supported a number of businesses, one which was incorporated into the group and has been successfully operating since 2011, with the latest one about to be launched in 2014.

The support Enterprise4 Life provide ranges from identifying the training and development that aspiring entrepreneurs need, through to mentoring with business planning and access to investment.

Job creation and raising aspirations are vital to the economy, the green agenda is vital to the world and we are actively committed to working with aspiring entrepreneurs who share our vision and foresight to include a green related agenda within their plans.

  • Man Vs
  • The Idea Incubator

Man Vs

Man Vs is the latest business concept to be supported by the Enterprise 4 Life entrepreneur scheme.

Due to launch in early 2014, Man Vs is an American themed restaurant/delivery service focussing on big flavours, diverse selections of foods and BIG portions.

Initially inspired in part by the TV programme as well as through a love of American themed food, the concept was heavily researched and market tested by a range of methods to see if there was a gap in the market for this type of business in Lincoln.

The response was extraordinary to say the least…

Within days the social media activity, Man Vs had obtained a cult following with 1000’s of followers and likes with prospective customers who wanted to know when the business would be opening.

In addition to the initial start-up capital, Enterprise 4 Life has supported with the due diligence of the project including the construction of a business plan, sourcing a suitable venue, planning and installation of equipment and identifying and scheduling a training matrix that ensures the business meets the standards of both the authorities and customers.

Man Vs will create a number of local jobs and has committed to offering work experience for those who wish to retrain within the hospitality industry. It is also going to support local apprenticeships for young people who are looking to embark on their careers.

The green agenda is at the heart of the business, with a number of planned initiatives aimed at reducing carbon waste and operating as a paperless environment central to these plans.

The Innovation Incubator

Innovation Incubator is an initiative that has been designed as a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas, vision and values, in order to be considered for our support so that they can bring them to life.

There are some pre requisites to consider before approaching us:

·         You need to demonstrate passion and a true vision

·         A balanced and considered business plan has been thoroughly prepared

·         Ideas should have a corporate social responsibility alignment

The assessment process will include a 30 minute presentation on the business concept, followed by questions from the Incubator Assessment Team.

Any concepts that demonstrate viability will progress through to the second stage review, which includes a thorough due diligence assessment and final decision.

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