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The Number4 Group:

Our beginnings were humble, working with limited technology and funding, the success and growth of the company has always been the result of hard work, determination and providing our partners with bespoke solutions that meet their needs – and continues to be one of our key drivers to this day.

Building on an entrepreneurial spirit in the early years, The Number4 Group continued to grow both in terms of headcount and market coverage and sustains the success it had in the early days, through working in partnership with some prestigious organizations across the United Kingdom.

Key to this was – and still is – employing people who fully understand the markets and cultures we operate in; we appreciate the value that individuals and businesses need when engaging with consultancy organizations and we ensure this is embedded within the DNA of the exceptional people we employ.

As a forward thinking organisation, we take seriously our corporate responsibility to operate as a sustainable business over the long term. Key elements of this include operating in both an ethical and an environmentally friendly manner across all of our business activities.

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  • Green Agenda
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Company Structure

The Number4 Group is the parent company for the Number4 Group of companies which includes:

  • Train4
  • Security4
  • Enterprise 4 Life
  • Works4

As the parent company, The Number4 Group is responsible for the strategy, quality assurance and performance management of each of the sibling companies who operate as subject matter experts within their chosen fields.

The Number4 Group also provides a consultancy service to external businesses that are looking to increase capacity, build partnerships and develop additional revenue streams.

Green Agenda

At The Number 4 Group the Green Agenda is not just an ideal world concept, it is fully embedded across all aspects of business activity.

The Number4 Group has fully embraced operating a sustainable and carbon neutral business model.

The objectives for us going green are simple;

  • To raise awareness of the green agenda amongst our employees
  • To increase efficiencies through reducing the amount of energy we use
  • Utilising a smarter way of working across our business units
  • To enhance our business reputation by being known to work and adhere to a green agenda
  • To support charitable organisations in our local area
  • And most importantly to sustain the environment we live in.

Through these positive initiatives we aspire to reduce, reuse and recycle to benefit both our business and the environment. We have experienced a number of benefits through educating our employees to help us operate as a sustainable business, such as increased productivity, better results and higher moral among the team.

Overall, our Green Agenda aims to reduce expenses, increase awareness of potential environmental impacts and eliminate our carbon footprint to push for a better earth, a better existence and a better tomorrow.


Here at The Number4 Group, we take seriously our responsibility to act as an ethical and sustainable business.

We recognise the importance of our CSR responsibilities and know it is vital to ensure that the impact we make in any of the communities that we work in is a positive one and that others benefit from the work we do both locally and nationally

As part of this, we have a cast iron commitment to support local charities and initiatives, and dedicate 5% of any revenue surplus we make annually towards supporting good causes.

Some of the causes we have supported include:

ACT for

Challenge for Halle-Rose –

Active Nations –

Greenbank Under 6’s Football Team

AFC Lincoln Green Football Team

We also have a staff profit sharing scheme that is shared equally among all the people on our team who continually help to make the business the success it is shared equally among all the people on our team who continually help to make the business the success it is

To further support this we have a number of company initiatives which are aimed at making The Number4 Group a fully sustainable and ethical organisation that our partners are proud to be associated with

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